Join Our Group


Who we're looking for.

We are building an ensemble of dancers who love to perform Ukrainian folk dance, enjoy contributing performances to the community, want to focus on perfecting their dancing skills, and want to experiment in a variety of types of choreography.

We welcome auditions from experienced Ukrainian Folk dancers as well as adults who are experienced dancers in other genres. We are also happy to accept auditions from adults who only have a basic knowledge of dance techniques and want to learn more. All that we ask is that you have the enthusiasm to commit to and actively participate in one rehearsal per week.


What we expect from you.

It's fun and an honor to perform at our local Ukrainian community's events throughout the year. We expect our members to agree and participate at these events with us. We are also hired for varieties of events outside of the community. So we ask that our members are willing to be available to participate in these event as well.

Practice makes perfect! We have rehearsals regularly, every Saturday. We ask for commitment to these rehearsals so that the ensemble can benefit and improve in its entirety. We may also have extra rehearsals if it is needed before a performance. We are understanding and flexible with these extra rehearsals. 


What you can expect from us.

Apart from being a dance ensemble, we are a family. We all share a love for dance, Ukrainian culture, and each other. As hard as we'll be working together to perfect our talents, we're going to have fun, get some healthy exercise, dress up in fantastic costumes, and thrill audiences with our amazing grace and acrobatics.

Interested? We hope so. If you meet our requirements and would like to audition, great! Please contact us and be sure to tell us a little about yourself. Andrea will contact you to arrange for an appointment immediately!