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One of our greatest joys is to pass down the traditions of Ukrainian dance, song, and culture to future generations. A Ukrainian dancing school for children was originally founded at the Ukrainian Culture Center of Los Angeles (YKO) in 1955. Continuing this tradition for many years, the LA community remained entertained until the Chervona Kalyna Dance Academy was restored in 1997. The purpose behind our academy is to preserve, foster, and share history, culture, and origin of Ukrainian dance among Ukrainian-Americans in the Los Angeles area today.

Chervona Kalyna Dance Academy is currently run by Asaya Gorskaya and Youlia Timoshenko. Asaya Gorskaya, artistic director, graduated from Kiev University of Culture and Art and was head choreographer of a dance team in Kiev, who won numerous international and national dance contests. Youlia Timoshenko, head teacher of the academy, has had experience dancing in the world-renowned Virsky ensemble professionally for over 9 years. We are proud to have these two beautiful and experienced dancers educating our children on Ukrainian culture and dance!

Our academy has grown and shined thanks to its talented choreographers, great student performers, marvelous parents, and support from our community.