About Us


The Beginning


The Chervona Kalyna Dance Ensemble was founded in October of 2011 by Marina Shtelen. After teaching and choreographing dances for children in the Chervona Kalyna Dance Academy for many years, Marina decided to extend the group and create an ensemble of older, more experienced dancers who could present Ukrainian dance to a wider audience in a more professional manner. She gathered dancers who shared the same enthusiasm and love for Ukrainian dance as she did, and Chervona Kalyna Dance Ensemble was born.

We show great appreciation and thanks to Marina. If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn't have what we have today. But wanting to pursue further endeavors, Marina soon faced the difficult decision to leave Chervona Kalyna.

Carrying the Legacy


In January of 2012, Marina confidently placed the Ensemble under the care of Andrea Kusina, who was already a dancer in Chervona Kalyna Ensemble. Today, Andrea leads and dances in the group. As the ensemble Coordinator, she works along side the Director Asya Gorskaya. Together, their dedication to Chervona Kalyna and love for Ukrainian dance and culture shines through in the same light as Marina's.

The Kalyna Dance Ensemble continues to train, perform, and expand. We have regular performances at the Ukrainian Culture Center and also perform outside the center for special events within the community.

We are dedicated to perfecting our skills in Ukrainian folk dance, and are expanding our repertoire of different genres to keep it interesting and challenging.